* due to drying time & our returning to the Netherlands, it will be shipped after the 25th *


"One day like this – Elbow’s song hummed through my head. This warm, soothing scene smiled at me that early morning somewhere at the start of March. We were just getting back into the #vanlife –early morning walks followed by a few ours of driving, then finding a place to park, lunch, work, dinner and slow evenings in or around the van – and that morning in the coolness of dawn, a fresh blanket of snow covered the world. Around 20cm’s had fallen that night and apart from a few deer tracks, the snow looked smooth and glittery. We broke the surface and found our way to something that looked like a small dune: sun dancing in the waves in front of us, breathtaking mountains behind us, a sea eagle slowly circling above us.We didn’t know the van would break down for a 3rd and last time within a matter of days, but it’s days like these that kept and keep on singing in our minds and hearts."


This piece was painted with loose brushstrokes of oil paints onto special oil painting paper. The 9x13cm surface was primed and the painting sealed with a layer of glossy varnish: made to accompany you for years, and last even for generations to come.


The vintage frame comes from a lovely antique shop we stumbled upon here in Norway. It's of gold-painted messing and it can either stand on its own or be hanged on a wall. You can also bring it home without the frame or lightly mounted to a 20x30cm sheet of handmade cotton paper with ruffled edges. If one of the options is sold out: they all are! It's a unique, handpainted piece :)




One day like this

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